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Hand & Wrist

Why So Many People Regardless of Age Have Hand & Wrist Pains?

You can’t look to your left or right without seeing a cell phone and most likely a laptop.

This has created an almost epidemic in terms of hand and wrist pains. Whether it is carpel tunnel symptoms that range from piercing pain to complete numbness or if it’s arthritic joints and swollen fingers. Living in a ‘screen society’ has been the source of a spike in hand and wrist pain.

You obviously use your hands on a daily bases for countless vital needs. So when you’re limited in mobility or strength in your hands than even just opening a jar can be a monumental task, let alone gripping a steering wheel with any confidence.

Don’t try to cover the pain with over-the-counter pain meds or with the opioid prescriptions that are so dangerous.

Take the easy step and call us. We’ll answer your questions. Don’t delay. Your hand and wrist pain will not go away by itself because you keep using them. Let’s talk to discover if stem cell therapy may help your hands and wrist pains.
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Is Stem Cell Therapy Right for You?

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